Look for the interaction

How to take pictures with message, like this interaction between elements

Interaction its a good way to created nice photos

When we take pictures, normally we want to created amazing photos. Photos that generated a great impact on the viewers, and it’s not an easy issue.

One way, and it doesn’t matter if you are taking pictures to a couple, a mother with a song, etc, is to try to capture the interaction between them. In this case, with two horses.

I was observing these horses in a fair in Barcelona. The person was take care about the animals, said that when they are bored, played between them. I decided to photography the interaction.

First, it’s mandatory to be patience, a lot of patience. Second, be ready, setup your camera to freeze the moment. In this case, I need increase the ISO, because the natural light was low, and the aperture was not enough.

Also, be careful with the background, and the people that are close. The message of the photo is about the horses, don’t put more distractions. Another point, pay attention where is the light.

When you have these questions in your mine, you must think in different compositions, wait for the right moment, and don’t stop until get the right photo.

Finally, when you are process the photography, there are a lot of possibilities, but black and white, it’s a good point.

And that’s all, thanks for reading.

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Happy new Year


Macro about seashell

With this photo, we bid farewell to 2017, and welcome to 2018.

Happy New Year, and best wishes to all.

See you soon

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The Explore, the Flickr selection

Photography choose by Explore of FlickrFlickr is one of the most important social networks for photographers. You can show your photos, find inspirational, etc. Even ask information about cameras, lens, etc.

Every day, Flickr choose 500 photos and show in an exhibition called Explore, where are showed the best images uploaded in this day.

I recommended visiting this exhibition, because the quality of photos are high.

It’s not easy to be selected, there is some recommendations, but is so hard. Since I upload the first image, ten years ago, only Flickr choose 2 photos. One is the photo in this post, and the other is this.

Flickr don’t communicate you if you have the privilege to be a member of “this club”, but In this link, you have a tool call Scout. If you login with your Flickr account, you can see your photos that are in Explore.

Don’t discourage, enjoy taking pictures, upload photos and Flickr and who knows.

Thanks for reading.

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White balance, what does it mean and how to use it

Light has colour. This colour is different if you are on shades or in a room with fluorescent bulb.

A digital camera needs to know “this colour”, and this colour has name Colour Temperature. The camera, to get the right colour, uses the white balance. White Balance (WB from now on) it’s a number, so simple. If this number is low, you get and image with a blue tone (cold), and if this number is high, your photo will be with a warm tone. It depends of the kind of light (if you are taking a sunset, of studio, etc), needs one WB value. The unit of WB are Kelvin (K).

For a reference, you can use this:

  • Candle light: 2000K
  • Houselights bulbs: 3500K
  • Fluorescent: 4000K
  • Daylight: 5500K
  • Overcast day: 6500K
  • Shade: 7500K
  • Dark shade: 9000K

Cameras has several WB predefined, or you can fix (to learn how to do it, read your camera’s manual ). Also you can use an automatic WB and the camera chooses “the best option”, but sometimes, if the scene has several different kinds of lights, it’s possible that the WB will be wrong.

For me, the best option is use automatic WB, and at the moment to process the photography in your computer, adjust it. Remember that if you use RAW files, you can modify WB.

If you are taking photos for a commercial purpose, is mandatory to choose the WB to get the real colour. But if you are taking artistic photography, I think that WB can be interesting tool for the atmosphere in your image.

See the next photography’s. Are the same picture, but with different WB.

When you choose the WB, you must think in the feeling that you want to transmit to your views. Imagine that you are in a seascape, several minutes before a big storm. A low WB, could transmit a feeling of cold, even sad. But in a sunset, with the sun goes down, a high WB can bring a warm image.

The WB, it’s an important part of the photography, it’s good to pay attention for this.

And this is all, if you have any question, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading

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Walking Alone

Photography about train tracks, lonelinessAfter a long time, I come back to the blog.

This photo was taken in January, on a winter day. Spend several weeks after I decided to process the image. Normally, I try to process the photo after take it, but in this case was different, without any reason.

With clouds in the sky, the light is very soft, there are no problems between lights and shades, and it’s a good moment to walk with your camera. And the atmosphere is amazing.

I think trains station have some special, it’s like return to past. I was concentrated on exposure and find a nice composition, and suddenly appear the man with the face covered. In photography, like in life, it’s important the spontaneity

I think that this photography has some part of mystery, and it’s nice.

Today it’s a short post, it’s a summer day, and it’s not easy to write.

Thanks for reading

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