Walking Alone

Photography about train tracks, lonelinessAfter a long time, I come back to the blog.

This photo was taken in January, on a winter day. Spend several weeks after I decided to process the image. Normally, I try to process the photo after take it, but in this case was different, without any reason.

With clouds in the sky, the light is very soft, there are no problems between lights and shades, and it’s a good moment to walk with your camera. And the atmosphere is amazing.

I think trains station have some special, it’s like return to past. I was concentrated on exposure and find a nice composition, and suddenly appear the man with the face covered. In photography, like in life, it’s important the spontaneity

I think that this photography has some part of mystery, and it’s nice.

Today it’s a short post, it’s a summer day, and it’s not easy to write.

Thanks for reading

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A street mirror

A reflex on a cristal from the street, The idea es look for different point of view on photographyLike photographers, we are looking different ideas, point of view, something that impact to the viewers.

Every day, people share a millions of images on internet, and it’s no easy look for the “new photography”.
Few weeks ago, I was walking on the Encants Vell from Barcelona. I nice play to visit and buy interesting things. The roof of this build is like a mirror, but it’s like a different piece of mirror joint and created a curios reflex of the ground.
I point my camera to the roof trying to fill the scene with the zoom. The day was sunny, the light was enough to capture without problems.
In the computer, only adjust white balance and contrast. Make easy.
I believe that the most important thing about photography is look in your environment to show something different.
Thanks for reading

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The importance of the moment #VantagePoint

Photography about Light cameras

The right moment in pushing the button is the essence of photography

Something magical in photography is to capture ephemeral moments, which do not repeat themselves and remain for posterity. This makes a lot of sense in street photography.

I took this photograph in Barcelona a few weeks ago. I like how the person crosses the frame, and how the walls of the street make a frame. The black and white is very interesting when working in black and white.

Another very important point is to travel light. A small camera can help us to be discreet and capture these moments. The Light L16 compact camera is a amazing camera for street photography.

It is a new concept in photography.

I invite you to see the gallery and you will discover how you can create amazing images with a camera the size of a mobile phone.

Thanks to Light being part of #VantagePoint

Have a nice photoday

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Prime lens, why?

A photo take with a prime lens

First, what’s the meaning of prime lens? A prime lens it’s a lens that focal length is fixed, you can’t change this parameter. A zoom lens, you can do it.

And why you use a lens that it’s impossible to change your point of view? Basically because a prime lens normally has more quality that a zoom lens. If you use a zoom lens for example 14-102mm, you get a worse quality than you use a prime lens.

Another question, if you mount a prime on your camera, and you want to capture more details about your subject, you must close to them. In the other hand, if you look for “more” wide, you need to go far away. It’s a good training for your photographic eye this kind of lens.

Normally, prime lenses have a bigger aperture and are very faster to focus.

In the market you can find several prime lenses with different focal lens, for landscape, portraits, etc.

The photo of the post was took with and 25mm Olympus. It’s an amazing lens.

My recommendation, use one. Thanks for reading.

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When less is more

Minimalist photograph of a beach in stormy day


Sometimes in live simple is the best, also in photography.

An image with a lot of elements it could be heavy, difficult to read and understand for the viewers. And your task like a photographer it’s explain something with only a picture, without anymore. It’s not easy.

If you find an isolated element like this stick, you don’t need more to create a picture.

I like the shape of rope, create a line that cross the image and made the photo very dynamic. The background complements the situation, it’s a seascape, you don’t need anything to understand the photo.

Today it’s brief post, I’m expect you like and try to find simplicity in photography.

Thanks for reading

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