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About me: I began to make shots in 2008, with Olympus E-510. I like a several kinds of photos, but my favourites are motorsport, first plane, macro and urban shots. I think that digital age make more easy and accessible photography for a lot of people. I’m expect you enjoy with my gallery and feel free to make constructive critics. Welcome to my world. Sobre mí: Empecé a tomar fotografías en el año 2008, con una Olympus E-510. Me gustan diferentes tipos de fotos, pero mis favoritas son competiciones automovilísticas, primeros planos, macros y ciudades. Pienso que la era digital ha hecho más fácil y accesible la fotografía a muchas personas. Espero que disfrutes con mi galería, y siéntete libre para hacer críticas constructivas. Bienvenido a mi mundo

Long Exposure (II)

The last post, we began to talk about this kind of photography. Today I want to explain what you can do when you are shooting. First step is configure the camera. Normally I used to do this: Use the lowest … Continue reading

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Long Exposure Photography (I)

Taking pictures with long exposure means that your camera needs a “long time” to get the photography. It happen, for example, with the ambient light is not enough to exposure in a short time, or you want to capture “movement” … Continue reading

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Photo series, a different challenge

Photo series is a collection about an idea that you want to express through images. In the past, I thought a lot of time to create something like that, but I never found the moment, the idea, etc… Last month, … Continue reading

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Rhythm in photography, do you use it?

The rhythm in photographic composition is a powerful tool to created images. This technique consist to find elements with repetitions, for example, columns in a building, trees or something that have a patron. Look at the image of the post. … Continue reading

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Look for the interaction

When we take pictures, normally we want to created amazing photos. Photos that generated a great impact on the viewers, and it’s not an easy issue. One way, and it doesn’t matter if you are taking pictures to a couple, … Continue reading

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