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About me: I began to make shots in 2008, with Olympus E-510. I like a several kinds of photos, but my favourites are motorsport, first plane, macro and urban shots. I think that digital age make more easy and accessible photography for a lot of people. I’m expect you enjoy with my gallery and feel free to make constructive critics. Welcome to my world. Sobre mí: Empecé a tomar fotografías en el año 2008, con una Olympus E-510. Me gustan diferentes tipos de fotos, pero mis favoritas son competiciones automovilísticas, primeros planos, macros y ciudades. Pienso que la era digital ha hecho más fácil y accesible la fotografía a muchas personas. Espero que disfrutes con mi galería, y siéntete libre para hacer críticas constructivas. Bienvenido a mi mundo

Look for the interaction

When we take pictures, normally we want to created amazing photos. Photos that generated a great impact on the viewers, and it’s not an easy issue. One way, and it doesn’t matter if you are taking pictures to a couple, … Continue reading

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Happy new Year

  With this photo, we bid farewell to 2017, and welcome to 2018. Happy New Year, and best wishes to all. See you soon

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The Explore, the Flickr selection

Flickr is one of the most important social networks for photographers. You can show your photos, find inspirational, etc. Even ask information about cameras, lens, etc. Every day, Flickr choose 500 photos and show in an exhibition called Explore, where … Continue reading

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White balance, what does it mean and how to use it

Light has colour. This colour is different if you are on shades or in a room with fluorescent bulb. A digital camera needs to know “this colour”, and this colour has name Colour Temperature. The camera, to get the right … Continue reading

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Walking Alone

After a long time, I come back to the blog. This photo was taken in January, on a winter day. Spend several weeks after I decided to process the image. Normally, I try to process the photo after take it, … Continue reading

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