Operating modes of camera

Classic image of a stray cat black and whiteThe camera has multiple modes of performances from some automatic modes , other settings designed for a particular case to the possibility of controlling all parameters. Let’s see a brief description of them :

  • Scene modes :

These modes are designed for people neophyte in photography. The idea is to choose a mode of operation depending on the type of photos that can be performed. Examples include portrait, macro, sunset , night , etc. . Depending on the selected mode , the camera will ” choose” the aperture, time exposure,etc . It may be a good choice to start.

  • Automatic mode:

The camera selects the parameters that you feel are best suited to the scene. Here we can not be very creative , since we can not control anything. In this mode the flash fires automatically when the camera so determines , be careful in places where its use is prohibited .

  • Programmable mode ( P) :

It is similar to the automatic mode , but I can choose the exposure you desire, ISO , flash, etc.  From here and from the scene , the camera chooses the aperture and exposure time. If we are in a sunny day, in a scene that is not complicated and did not seek any creative effect can be helpful.

  • Aperture Priority (A or Av) :

This mode can be considered semi- automatic . The idea is that the user sets the exposure , an opening in particular, an ISO and the camera calculates the appropriate exposure time . This mode is ideal for controlling depth of field , and not worry about setting the exposure time. It may be good for macro or portraits .

  • Shutter Priority ( S or Tv) :

This mode works the opposite way as above. The user sets the speed, ISO and exposure, and the camera will calculate the aperture. This mode is usually use for sports photography , where I clearly need exposure time , but I can not waste time in the opening set . It can also be considered semi – automatic.

  • Manual mode ( M):

It is the most complete way , where we have the ability to adjust the various parameters of the camera. It provides greater creative capacity and control over the situation but obviously is more complex to use. It is the last thing we should learn to use.
My recommendation is to start with the automatic or scene modes , and as we gain confidence , spending priority modes and finally the manual. The semi – automatic modes can be useful in many situations, but if we look for very specific purposes , we will use the manual mode . No means that once learned to manual, we should forget about the semis anyway.

I hope this post has been useful , thanks for reading .


About David Cucalón

About me: I began to make shots in 2008, with Olympus E-510. I like a several kinds of photos, but my favourites are motorsport, first plane, macro and urban shots. I think that digital age make more easy and accessible photography for a lot of people. I’m expect you enjoy with my gallery and feel free to make constructive critics. Welcome to my world. Sobre mí: Empecé a tomar fotografías en el año 2008, con una Olympus E-510. Me gustan diferentes tipos de fotos, pero mis favoritas son competiciones automovilísticas, primeros planos, macros y ciudades. Pienso que la era digital ha hecho más fácil y accesible la fotografía a muchas personas. Espero que disfrutes con mi galería, y siéntete libre para hacer críticas constructivas. Bienvenido a mi mundo
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