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Advice to learn to use candle light to photograph. In this case a violin / Consejo para aprender a usar luz de velas para fotografiar. En este caso un violínEnglish Version: A few days ago I commented quickly with only candlelight can have a very warm lighting.

I’d like to talk a little more about it.

First as always, is to keep in mind our subject and composition. It can be a person or an object. In this case I used a miniature violin. In case anyone asks, no, I cannot play the violin.

If gunning for an object, any object is not valid, choose something that you may get special feeling, like music.
Once onstage prepare yourselves, you must distribute the candles as you please enlighten. We must be cautious to avoid accidents. I recommend assembling all the setup and finally light them.

Prepare the camera to focus and see if the composition is appropriate.

Once ye and the final composition, and you can light the candles.

For camera settings, I recommend using an opening half. I think…

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About David Cucalón

About me: I began to make shots in 2008, with Olympus E-510. I like a several kinds of photos, but my favourites are motorsport, first plane, macro and urban shots. I think that digital age make more easy and accessible photography for a lot of people. I’m expect you enjoy with my gallery and feel free to make constructive critics. Welcome to my world. Sobre mí: Empecé a tomar fotografías en el año 2008, con una Olympus E-510. Me gustan diferentes tipos de fotos, pero mis favoritas son competiciones automovilísticas, primeros planos, macros y ciudades. Pienso que la era digital ha hecho más fácil y accesible la fotografía a muchas personas. Espero que disfrutes con mi galería, y siéntete libre para hacer críticas constructivas. Bienvenido a mi mundo
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